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Hellenic Journal of Companion Animal Medicine - Volume 5 - Issue 1 - 2016


Few years have passed since HCAVS was established, and we have already successfully concluded the 7th FORUM and third nomination of a new Administration Board through the elections that were conducted on the 20th of March 2016. Ongoing education programmes, held by the autumnal scientific days and annual regional courses throughout Greece, highlight the necessity for the existence of HCAVS, the success of which is reward itself for all the efforts made by its contributors, members and executives.

Our era is so “caught up” in the speed of development that even when its effects or outcome are identified, they cannot always be explained. Experts have been dedicated to their research for decades. With this in mind, I would say that the last three generations of scientists have been much more fortunate in terms of acceptance, assimilation and use of those results.

Nowadays, science answers and resolves a variety of questions. Conclusions are drawn from humans and then used to help people in society, and ultimately humanity. Its armamentarium is under the control and at the disposal of society itself, setting the pace and mood for progress.

As a science, veterinary medicine has also become widely accepted by society in its own right. The advancement made in the last decades has been rapid! In particular, the progress witnessed in the field of companion animals has virtually nothing to envy that of human medicine. The continuous professional education of veterinarians is therefore a social necessity. A well-trained and updated veterinarian stands firmly on their feet, and can deliver better care to the patient, thereby earning both social satisfaction and reward. It is clear that veterinary medicine has become a useful and inherent part of society.

The “Hellenic Journal of Companion Animal Medicine” constitutes part of this progression and philosophy. It is compiled by worthy people who work selflessly to this end, and it hosts the hard work, effort and knowledge of colleagues which they are willing to share with us. May we increase in numbers!

Michael Chatzopoulos

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