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Hellenic Journal of Companion Animal Medicine - Volume 4 - Issue 2 - 2015


Yet Another Success for H.C.A.V.S.

At the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) General Assembly on May 14th, 2015, in Bangkok,Thailand, the Hellenic Companion Animal Veterinary Society (H.C.A.V.S) was officially accepted as a full member.

The nomination of our Society had been carefully and more fully prepared following the absolute tie in an open vote (the first time ever in the long history of WSAVA that an absolute tie on any issue had been recorded) after submitting our candidacy at the previous WSAVA General Assembly held in September 2014, in Cape Town, South Africa; it was the negative vote of the WSAVA President that temporarily suspended our election at that time.

During the last twenty months, we have had to demonstrate and prove that HCAVS is a unique, able and capable scientific veterinary society dedicated exclusively to the care of companion animals in Greece, which deserved the right to become a full equivalent member of WSAVA along with the other 95 companion animal veterinary societies that comprise over 146.500 colleagues. During the preparation period, we had to confront a group of representatives of some European companion animal veterinary societies which, with the support of certain bodies and a distorted view of the situation, needs, prospects and outcome, and for reasons best known to themselves, did not wish that a second Greek Veterinary Society be recognized as a full WSAVA member.

The voting result fully justified our effort reflecting not only on HCAVS but also on veterinary science in our country as a whole, which now enjoys appreciation worldwide. As concerns the 138 votes counted in the ballot (the first time ever in WSAVA history that a ballot was conducted) 70 votes were in favor, 27 against and 41 votes were blank. The election of HCAVS as a second Greek full and equivalent member of WSAVA is a unique success worldwide for such a small country, since the few countries with two members in WSAVA are large countries (Russia, Japan, China etc).

As a result of the necessity for the continuous education of Greek veterinarians dealing with companion animals and the demand risen through time and scientific developments, HCAVS has shown, in the few years of its life, a succession of impressive and novel accomplishments - an achievement enjoyed by Greek colleagues for the first time. Regional seminars on selective issues, which were embraced by all colleagues, conclude five years of success and will continue with the same unwavering passion and organizational integrity, whereas the only Greek bilingual scientific journal, “Companion Animal Medicine”, dedicated exclusively to companion animals, is ready to make headway and seek international recognition. Clearly, the annual FORUM and the autumnal meeting, alternatively in Athens and Thessaloniki, have placed solid foundations and supplement the annual framework of scientific activities in our country.

Moreover, taking into account that beyond its activities throughout the seven years since it was established, H.C.A.V.S. has to its credit almost 1.000 members, it should come as no surprise that it was enthusiastically welcomed as a full member by WSAVA. The formal acceptance of H.C.A.V.S. as a full WSAVA member brings with it possibilities and privileges for all our members who now belong to a large family, that of WSAVA, the principles of which are governed by a vision and mission: the vision that “All companion animals worldwide should have veterinary care ensuring their optimal health and welfare” and the mission “To advance the health and welfare of companion animals worldwide through an educated, committed and collaborative global community of veterinary peers”. Together, these two principles also constitute the pillars of H.C.A.V.S in Greece.

Several privileges are available for H.C.A.V.S. members, including the annual WSAVA World Veterinary Congress, details of which are easily found on our website ( and apply to all colleagues-members of WSAVA worldwide. One can take advantage of such benefits by following the links indicated by the Secretariat of WSAVA.

While not wishing to harp on our success, we would like to encourage all active colleagues-members including ourselves as Administrative Board, to take maximum advantage of the privileges provided.

Consistently committed to the values imposed when initially established, and through the creativity and flexibility shown by its programs, H.C.A.V.S. will continue to have as its permanent goal the qualitative and quantitative continuous education of those colleagues dealing with companion animal medicine in our country.

Dr Benjamin Albalas
President of HCAVS Board

*World Veterinary Congresses of WSAVA (2014-2019):
2014 Cape Town, S.Africa - 2017 Copenhagen, Denmark - 2015 Bangkok, Thailand - 2018 Singapore - 2016 Cartagena, Colombia - 2019 Toronto, Canada

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