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Hellenic Journal of Companion Animal Medicine - Volume 3 - Issue 2 - 2014


As we cordially launched the sixth issue of Hellenic Journal of Companion Animal Medicine, our strong, initial desire was to build a high quality Journal that would be regarded as indispensable to those actively engaged in Small Animal clinical work. This current issue is considered to be a turning point in the journal’s entity. With the aim of introducing this exciting initiative to the target audience of Greek veterinary practitioners, the first five issues were distributed for free to the headcount of veterinarians in the country interested in Small Animal clinical practice. Commencing with this issue, the journal will now only be received by members of HCAVS (as a benefit of membership), as well as by subscribers.

The previous issues highlighted and distinctively defined the character of the journal from every perspective, and developed the esthetic elements in combination with its outstanding scientific aspect. We would undoubtedly label this period as the birth-phase of the journal’s publication process. However, once published, the book ceases to belong to its author, thus making the Hellenic Journal of Companion Animal Medicine a common possession among those who long to occupy a truly mainstream position in the veterinary literature, as either authors or readers. Despite this country’s limited size of readership, and in relevance to this remark, the even smaller proportion of those who would be willing to become involved in the writing process of a scientific article, the achievements of the HJCAM have surpassed our expectations. We firmly believe and foresee that this journal will represent an essential source of up-to-date information and the latest advances in Small Animal Medicine and Surgery for general clinicians. We are greatly convinced that the journal’s goal of motivating the veterinarians to pursue additional reading, underlining their strenuous efforts to publish their scientific work, will be eventually cherished by the veterinary community.

This issue will provide practical and challenging information of direct relevance to clinical practice. Τhe primary concept behind this issue is to address two topics which, while poles apart, present astonishing similarities in their scientific approach: esophageal hiatus hernia and canine granulocytic anaplasmosis are both underdiagnosed clinical disorders. Additionally, their clinical manifestation often misguides the practitioner into excluding them from his differential diagnoses list. Last but not least, they are both curable diseases when suspected and diagnosed in their early stages. This issue’s scientific content also incorporates two invaluable diagnostic and therapeutic procedures performed routinely in small animal veterinary practice with the objective of providing step-by-step photographic guidance: thoracocentesis and thoracostomy tube placement. The book reviews section, the new releases presentations and the scientific news of HCAVS will all prove a valuable timely resource.

In anticipation of great things ahead,
enjoy your reading!

Ignatios Liapis

Secretary of the Board of HCAVS

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