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Hellenic Journal of Companion Animal Medicine - Volume 3 - Issue 1 - 2014


The primary and maybe excellent to be emphasized and highlighted for this issue of our scientific journal «Hellenic Journal of Companion Animal Medicine” is what was used to be stated as Stakhanovism mood - intention. This has its own significance, as people working for this scientific Journal, do not generally waste their time but they create, they produce thoughts and they contribute to the scientific development without any financial reward!

I would personally like to congratulate the Editor-in-Chief, Mrs. Katerina Adamama-Moraitou, Associate Professor, AUTh, the Co-Editor Dimitra Pardali, DVM, PhD and all the editorial board members.

From the very first moment of its foundation, H.C.A.V.S., that I am honoured to be one of the founding members, aims, by the philosophical vesting reflected by the statutes, to the selflessness, the expulsion of garrulousness and the fair promotion and ‘exploitation’ of each colleague’s work.

I would like to be able at some point to talk about a scientific association that hosts all veterinary medicine graduates that work with companion animals, because the veterinary knowledge community in Greece will never stop their production.

The success of the re-evaluation of the School of Veterinary Medicine of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (due to the excellent project preparation - positive educational thought) will confirm what stated in the previous paragraph.

As scientists and academic citizens, we live and move daily in social events. Therefore we have to promote and defend justice. The age difference leads me to inducements and advices, while the scientific and professional experience leads me to search for knowledge. The last point, I defend the most, as I believe it is the best “weapon” to better stand on our feet and finally to assert from the society the recognition that suits us.

The “Hellenic Journal of Companion Animal Medicine ‘’, even though is a new journal, is comparable to older well established journals. This 5th issue, I believe that will cover knowledge gaps, without being tiring and an essential component to this is the involvement of new writers, especially younger.

Our association has acquired hundreds of members in the four years of operation, has elected two Administration Boards and get ready for more candidates in the next election. By its actions, H.C.A.V.S. significantly contributes every year the continuing professional development, currently performed at three levels:

  • Autumn special event (one per year)
  • All around Greece road shows-seminars (five per year)

We are now a modern European and World Scientific Companion Animal Veterinary Medicine Society, presenting continually developing activities widely accepted and I personally wish to be as big as to be able to make bigger achievements.

Michalis Hatzopoulos
Veterinarian, AUTh
Member of the Administration Board of H.C.A.V.S.
Training seminars manager


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