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Eosinophilic plaque in a cat with Flea Allergic Dermatitis (FAD): a case report

Kakaroumpa P. DVM, Plakentia Veterinary Clinic, Athens


Eosinophilic plaque is a pruritic exudative, circumscribed, raised lesion, that is frequently ulcerated and can occur anywhere on the body of the cat. It is commonly associated with FAD and/or feline atopic syndrome. A case of a cat with FAD and an eosinophilic plaque is described.

Clinical case

A 10 years old DSH, female cat was presented with chronic pruritic dermatitis and an ulcerative skin lesion. Clinical examination showed an ulcerative, exudative plaque on the 3rd digit of the right hind limb and peripheral lymphadenomegaly. Flea combing test was positive. Imprint and fine needle aspiration cytology of the plaque revealed eosinophils, degenerated neutrophils, free and phagocytized cocci and absence of neoplastic cells. Lymph node cytology revealed hyperplasia with eosinophilic inflammation. Blood tests were normal and FeLV/FIV was negative. Radiographs of the limb had no abnormal findings.


Anti-flea treatment (lotilaner), amoxicillin-clavulanic acid (20 mg/kg), prednisolone (1.7 mg/kg tapering) and topical treatment with a fusidic acid cream with hydrocortisone, and a cream with zinc oxide were prescribed. Complete resolution occurred at 8 weeks.


Cutaneous cytology is a very useful, easy and rapid, diagnostic examination. In case of an inconclusive result, a subsequent histopathological examination is needed for diagnosis.


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