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A case of a right cervical mass in a dog

Skrekas C. DVM, Alphavet, Athens, Greece | Bourdekas P. DVM, Alphavet, Athens, Greece
Grigoropoulos C. DVM, Vet Alimos, Athens, Greece
Panopoulos I. DVM, Phd, DipECVDI, Alphavet, Athens, Greece


Hemangiosarcoma (HSA) is a highly aggressive malignant neoplasm. It is a cancer that can be found in almost any organ, but in dogs is found most often in the spleen. Other common primary anatomic locations include the right atrium, cutaneous, and subcutaneous tissues.

Clinical case

A 10-year-old intact male Schnauzer dog was referred for imaging because of a palpable right cervical mass. Blood work performed 2 months ago revealed low levels of thyroxine and in the last month dysphagia and painful cervical swelling were observed, unresponsive to antibiotic therapy. Ultrasound and computed tomography identified an oval mass (2.5 cm in diameter), centered in the right retropharyngeal lymph node, with no clear evidence of level of separation with the ipsilateral thyroid. A successful surgical excision of the mass and thyroidectomy were performed.


The patient recovered without significant complications and is being monitored the last two months using laboratory tests and imaging techniques and remains clinically healthy. Biopsy revealed metastatic nodal hemangiosarcoma. Thyroxine levels are monitored and maintained within normal limits.


Immediate investigation is suggested for palpable swellings of the neck, due to high frequency of malignant neoplasia with the presence of metastases by the time of diagnosis. Distal nodal metastasis in case of hemangiosarcoma is uncommon, in absence of abdominal or thoracic metastasis.


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