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Fungal hepatitis in a dog: a case report

Ferlemis D. DVM, Freelancer, MoVet Animal Hospital, Athens
Bogogiannidou M. DVM, Trained at the Department of Ophthalmology, Surgery and Obstetrics Unit, Companion Animal Clinic, Department of Veterinary Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences, A.U.Th., Freelancer, MoVet Animal Hospital, Athens
Pantelaki A.K. DVM, Freelancer, MoVet Animal Hospital, Athens
Daravigka A. DVM, GpCert SAM, Postgraduate student, Companion Animal Clinic, Unit of Pathology, Department of Veterinary Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences, A.U.Th.
Karavanis E. DVM, PhD, Histopathologist, Freelancer, Thessaloniki
Panopoulos I. DVM, PhD in Diagnostic Imaging, Alphavet Animal Hospital, Athens


This communication presents a case of fungal hepatitis in a dog.

Clinical Case

A 10-year-old dog was presented for her annual checkup. Ultrasound showed an invasive lesion in the liver, with a peripheral zone of mixed echogenicity and a hypo-echoic center. A computed tomography scan was performed, which showed mild hepatomegaly consistent with lacunar degeneration, congestion, inflammatory or neoplastic infiltration, invasive mass probably of the caudate lobe with an intense regional pressure effect, as well as hilar lymphadenopathy. The presentation was consistent with neoplasia and an attempt to surgical removal of the mass was made, but it was impossible. Histopathology of the biopsy specimens showed acute hemorrhagic, or even necrotizing, hepatitis with fungal textures being present. Itraconazole was administered.


In the re-examination which took place after 4 months, the lesion of the liver was not detectable via ultrasonography.


Fungal hepatitis is a rare disease and may take the form of hyperplastic lesions which are, both at the imaging and at the macroscopic level, very similar to neoplasia based on diagnostic imaging and gross examination. Thus, it may easily lead to a false diagnosis, and this is the reason why further examinations are always important in the case of hyperplastic lesions of the liver.


  • Gavhane DS, Moregaonkar SD, Mhase AK, Sawale GK and Kadam DP (2016) A Case of Chronic Abdominal Actinomycosis with Severe Hepatic Involvement in a Dog. Israel Journal of Veterinary Medicine (Vol. 71), 58-61.

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