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Aspiration pneumonia in Irish Wolfhound dog: A case report

Aivaliotis D. DVM, Plakentia Veterinary Clinic, Athens
Xandra I. DVM, Plakentia Veterinary Clinic, Athens
Timiou D. DVM, MSc (small animal medicine), Plakentia Veterinary Clinic, Athens
Stathopoulou V. DVM, GPCertSAM, GPCertEndo (ISVPS), PgCertSAM (HAU)
Liapis I. DVM, Cert (Ophth), Plakentia Veterinary Clinic, Athens


Irish Wolfhounds have found bibliographically to be predisposed to aspiration pneumonia.

Clinical case

A one-year-old, neutered female, Irish Wolfhound was presented to our clinic with cough and 2 regurgitations the last 12 hours. Clinical examination and thorax radiographic study were normal. Two days later the dog was presented again due to the continuing cough. Clinical examination revealed only fever, but the lung auscultation was problematic due to the tachypnea of the dog. The radiographic reexamination revealed alveolar pattern in the right cranial lung lobe. Complete blood count was within normal limits but there was a leukogram with left shift. Bronchoscopy revealed brochi inflammation and the culture of a lung tissue and a brochial swab came back positive with 2 different microorganisms. The lung tissue biopsy revealed non – specific lymphoplasmacytic bronchiolitis, probably due to the aspiration pneumonia.


The dog was hospitalized with intravenous fluids, enrofloxacin, cefuroxime, acetylcysteine, and aminophylline and was discharged 4 days later without symptoms. In the reexamination, one week later, the dog had no symptoms, and the radiographic findings were much better.


The radiographic signs of aspiration pneumonia follow the clinical symptoms. Aspiration pneumonia should be included in the differential diagnosis of Irish Wolfhounds with cough and tachypnea because there is a breed predisposition.


  • Greenwell CM, Brain PH (2014) Aspiration pneumonia in the Irish Wolfhound: a possible breed predisposition. Journal of Small Animal Practice 55, 515-520.
  • Viitanen SJ, Lappalainen AK, Koho NM, Pessa-Morikawa T, Ressel L, Rajamäki MM (2018) Recurent bacterial pneumonia in Irish Wolfhounds: Clinical findings and etiological studies. Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine 33, 846-855.

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