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Perinephric pseudocyst in cats: a case report

Daniil I.L. DVM, Postgraduate training in Companion Animal Clinic, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, School of Health Sciences, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, Private Practitioner, CityVets Thessaloniki
Drapetis G.I. DVM, Private Practitioner, CityVets Thessaloniki
Kouki M.I. DVM, MSc, PhD, Private Practitioner


A case of a cat with a perinephric pseudocyst is presented.

Clinical case

A 10-year-old neutered male cat presented with a history of increased vocalization, anxiety, and urination problems.

  After clinical examination, complete blood count, biochemical profile, and general urine examination, stage 2 chronic renal failure was diagnosed (mild azotemia, increased serum creatinine levels and proteinuria). Abdominal ultrasound revealed a fluid-filled sac surrounding the left kidney. On the cytologic examination of fine needle aspiration sample, transudative fluid was found.

  Ultrasound-guided drainage of the cyst was decided as a therapeutic approach. Clinical diet and proteinuria treatment were also subscribed for renal disease management.

  The cat presented 5 weeks later with the same symptoms. Abdominal ultrasound confirmed the recurrence of the fluid accumulation and surgical treatment was decided.

  Laparotomy revealed a perinephric pseudocyst which was drained and the edges of the cyst wall were marsipialized.


The cat recovered quickly and symptoms resolved completely. At re-examinations 1- and 3 months after surgery no recurrence was observed. The animal died due to renal disease 6 months post-surgery.


Although drainage of a perinephric pseudocyst is an option of conservative management, surgical removal remains the most definitive treatment.


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  • Journal of the Hellenic Veterinary Medical Society 68(2).

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