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Semitendinosus muscle transposition for large perineal hernia repair in a dog

Trianti Ε. DVM, Vetcare Veterinary Clinic, Preveza
Kotromagia D. DVM, Animal Dogtors, Athens
Christinis E. DVM, Vetcare Veterinary Clinic, Preveza
Dermisiadou E. DVM, PhD, Freelancer Small Animal Surgeon, Thessaloniki


The aim of the study was the presentation of a perineal hernia (PH) management with the semitendinosus muscle flap (ST flap) transfer in a dog.

Materials and methods

A 5- year- old male, intact, 9kg, mixed breed dog was presented with a large perineal swelling. A bilateral perineal hernia (PH) was diagnosed on clinical examination and confirmed by radiographic and ultrasonographic examination. The right PH sac contained the urinary bladder, the prostate gland, and part of the small intestine.

  Emergency repair of the right-sided PH was successfully performed by using semitendinosus muscle flap transposition taken from the left hindlimb (donor area). Later, orchiectomy, cystopexy, colopexy and herniorrhaphy of the left PH were also performed.


Mild seroma formation (day 4 postoperatively) at the right PH site was successfully treated. Slight lameness was observed on the left hindlimb for 7 days postoperatively. No further complications were reported. On reevaluation 12 months after surgery no clinical signs or PH were observed.


The semitendinosus muscle flap transposition is a valuable technique for PH repair in cases where significant muscle atrophy of the pelvic diaphragm is revealed. It can be a method of choice especially when other techniques cannot be applied and/or have failed, without compromising hindlimb motion.


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