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Aging is not a disease. Presentation of 6 oncological cases in geriatric patients who earned significant lifetime

Karnezi D. DVM, MSc in Internal Medicine of companion animals, EMSAVM (Master in Small Animal Veterinary Medicine) Oncology student (last semester), Vet Center YourPetDoctors, Holargos, Greece
Karnezi G. DVM, MSc in Companion Animal surgery and Anesthesia, trained in veterinary ultrasonography, Vet Center YourPetDoctors, Holargos, Greece


The aim of this study is to present 6 oncological cases in geriatric dogs and cats that presented to our clinic.

Clinical cases

We will briefly present 6 cases, 2 dogs and 4 cats, aged between 12 and 15.5 years old. A 12-year-old Canadian shepherd dog with anal gland apocrine sac adenocarcinoma metastatic to the medial iliac lymphnodes, a 13-year-old Basset hound dog with bladder wall transitional cell carcinoma, a 15.5-yearold Domestic shorthaired (DSH) cat with large-cell gastrointestinal lymphoma, a 14.5-year-old Bengal cat with small-cell gastrointestinal lymphoma, a 14-year-old DSH cat with splenic mast cell tumor and a 13-year-old DSH cat with thyroid gland adenoma were presented to us for evaluation. Appropriate staging and surgical procedures for tumor excision or diagnostic sampling were performed to all patients. Five patients received adjuvant chemotherapy for 4.5 to 24 months.


When preparing this summary all animals except for one are alive and in remission of their tumor and symptoms. The cat with large-cell gastrointestinal lymphoma died after 19.5 months on chemotherapy.


Oncological cases appear more frequently in geriatric patients. However, neither age nor tumors should prevent further therapeutics. A lot of cases can earn significant life expectancy with appropriate treatment.


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