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Polypoid adenoma in the canine duodenum

Roumelioti S. DVM, ISVPS GpCert (US), Vets4life, Athens
Lyraki M. DVM, MSc, DipECVIM-CA MRCVS, EBVS® European Specialist in Small Animal Internal Medicine, Vets4life, Athens
Panopoulos I. DVM, PhD, DipECVDI, EBVS Specialist, Alphavet, Athens


The gastrointestinal polypoid adenoma is an epithelial in origin, benign neoplasia usually located in the large intestine and stomach. There are only two cases of polypoid adenoma in the small intestine described in the veterinary literature. In the present study a duodenal polypoid adenoma is reported in a dog.

Case report

A 13-year-old, male neutered, large, mixed breed dog was referred for investigation of a chronically increased ALP activity. Clinical examination was normal. Blood work also revealed mild non-regenerative anaemia while the remaining liver enzyme activities were normal. A hepatic mass was depicted in the ultrasound.

  Computed tomography revealed a soft tissue hepatic mass of the caudate lobe and an intraluminal space occupying mass in the duodenum, with ill-defined margins, without contrast medium enhancement. An ultrasonographically-guided Trucut biopsy of the hepatic mass and endoscopically- retrieved biopsies of the duodenal mass were performed.


A hepatocellular carcinoma and a duodenal polypoid adenoma were confirmed histopathologically.


Polypoid adenoma should be included in the differential diagnosis of a duodenal mass lesion. While it can be detected incidentally, the polypoid adenoma may be also the cause of mechanical obstruction or intussusception.


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